Bonsai Nation World Map: Alternate Version
Building Prop: Oak Tribe

Gouache on illustration board

Oak Tribe Sketch
Oak Tribe Cutaway

Graphite on illustration board

Character Line Up

Paul the Palm Tree, Ytesape the Woodnut, Sippy, and Karl the Coral Brute

Prop Development

Sippy's Nest

Underwater Stonehenge Exploration
Underwater Stonehenge Exploration Value Study
Underwater Stonehenge Exploration Linework
Paul the Palm Tree Turnaround
Paul the Palm Tree Expressions

Markers and colored pencil

Turnaround ink linework

Expressions ink linework

Guardian of Bonsai Mountain

Markers, colored pencil, digital

Guardian of Bonsai Mountain Muscle Anatomy and Value Study

Guardian of Bonsai Mountain Skeletal Anatomy

Ckunky Oak

Chunky Oak ink linework

Markers, colored pencil, digital

Keeper of Bonsai Springs

Markers, colored pencil, digital

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