Welcome to my website! 
My name is Otávio Santos de Albuquerque, I am an illustrator and concept artist, also working in comics and music. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art with a B.F.A in illustration, with a concentration in concept for animation and games. 
My illustration work ranges from visual development and concept art of environments, character, creatures, and props, to cartoons and editorial. The theme I am most interested in exploring in my work is our relationship with Nature and how it reflects our interconnectedness as humans and our growth as a planet. My approach to illustration ranges from realistic and painterly to stylized. I work traditionally as well as digitally; gouache paint and graphite are my preferred physical media, and I use Procreate and Photoshop for digital work. I also blend analog techniques with digital tools for final renders. 
While I am working on freelance jobs and personal projects, I am also searching for internship opportunities and full-time employment in concept art and illustration.
For inquiries please email me using the form in my contact page. Thank you for stopping by!
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